Terms & Conditions

This is a legal document outlining the terms and conditions of using the website Bluetrends. It states that by accessing the website, users are agreeing to be bound by these terms and all applicable laws, and are responsible for compliance with any local laws. The document grants users a temporary license to download materials from the website for personal, non-commercial use, but prohibits them from modifying or using the materials for commercial purposes. The website and materials are provided "as is" and Bluetrends does not make any warranties or representations about the accuracy or reliability of the materials. The document also limits Bluetrends's liability in case of damages and states that any claims relating to the website will be governed by the laws of California. The document also states that Bluetrends reserves the right to modify or terminate any parts of the website at any time without notice, and that users must agree to Twitter's terms of service before using the Bluetrends application. The document also explains that Bluetrends generates trends of hashtags and user mentions using its own algorithm and the volume of tweets is an estimated average value. The website/app may be temporarily unavailable due to technical or non-technical issues and Bluetrends may shut down the website at any time without notice.