Elon Musk Addresses Technical Issues at Twitter

Elon Musk Addresses Technical Issues at Twitter

The Battle Against Overloading Fanout Service

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, found himself in the thick of a technical battle at the Twitter headquarters. The Fanout service, responsible for delivering tweets to users, was getting overwhelmed each time Elon tweeted, leaving up to 95% of his tweets undelivered. With the Fanout service crashing and destroying other tweets in the process, Elon and his engineering team sprang into action. They quickly identified the source of the problem and decided to switch to the search feature (Earlybird) for the Following feed, effectively putting an end to the fanout service's reign of terror.

Elon Musk and the Twitter engineering team put in a hard day's work, addressing two critical technical issues and fixing the platform's aesthetics. With these changes, Twitter is poised to become a more stable, fair, and visually appealing platform for all its users. Additionally, the trendings on Twitter are set to become even more relevant, with the improved recommendation algorithm in place.

The Crusade Against Unfair Recommendation Algorithm

While the fanout service was one issue, there was another problem that Elon and his team had to tackle. The recommendation algorithm was using absolute block count instead of percentile block count, leading to accounts with many followers being unfairly dumped. To make the system fairer and more resistant to abuse, the team switched to using percentile block count. With these changes, Twitter users can expect a more stable and balanced platform.

Fixing the Aesthetics - Oversized Font & Undersized Paragraph Spacing

Finally, Elon announced the icing on the cake - the oversized font and undersized paragraph spacing would be fixed. These cosmetic issues had been bothering Twitter users for some time, and Elon and his team were determined to put an end to it. This week, the changes will be made, making the platform not only technically sound but also visually appealing.